Buoi sang cua toi voi Drip coffee bag

4am every day, I wake up from a deep sleep. My house has 2 corners to work, read or listen to music. One is sitting in the corner of the living room, overlooking the garden through a glass window. Second, sitting at the furniture in a corner of the garden, looking out over the grass through the cherry trees. To increase the value of reading, or listening to music… it is a cup of coffee beside. Usually I choose 1 Drip coffee bag (Paper filter coffee) out of 6 existing in-house dispensing equipment. In addition to the convenience of paper coffee, there is no need to wash the preparation tools such as the siphon, the Drip machine, the aluminum filter, or the Moka pot … it is because the Japanese paper filter is installed on the cup in a secure and luxurious way. The natural aroma of REDBAZAN coffee is released from the mouth, when slowly boiling water directly into the coffee for the first time, the water is enough to soak and the coffee blooming is the most beautiful aroma. Then the water poured 2 times, 3 times. The paper filter is removed from the glass and enjoyed. Coffee filtered through paper filter has a bitter, mild taste, different from the bitter taste of aluminum filter coffee or espresso. If you increase the amount of water about 120ml / 1 Drip coffee bag, drink it hot, you don’t need sugar or milk, so you can fully feel the flavor and quality of the coffee. Store the mixed paper in the bag, just torn, to put in the trash. As for me, taking advantage of coffee baits to nurture home garden plants. An enjoyable morning of mine before getting to work for the day with Drip coffee bag – REDBAZAN